Dedicated to England and to Love, Human and Divine

                                                                                                                                                            Lyrics: Carl Gincley

My inspiration for writing 'My True Only' came from an autumn vacation in England. Similar to America's Veteran's Day, I attended a soul touching 'Remembrance Day' service at St Paul's Cathedral in London. Afterwards, I walked the sacred grounds of the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial, a place for those lost in World War ll. In recalling England's picturesque landscape, I wrote the song to include the 3 major aspects of love: Love of God, Love of Country and Love of Partner. These universal themes come thru the lyrics and music. It was my honor and privilege to work with Shawn. His music and voice elevated our song in perfect union and harmony. Thank you Peter for our journey.

Music and vocals: Shawn Gallaway

I felt from the start that this song was going to be something special. When I first spoke with Carl and then read his lyrics, I could feel a shared passion begin to well up in me. I felt the depth of Carl's experience in England as it flowed through me while composing the music and through the entire creative process with my team. The synchronicities were divinely inspired. It has been an honor being a part of this loving creation!

Shawn Gallaway is a two-time Global Peace Song Award winning singer/songwriter, music producer, visual artist, workshop facilitator, energetic healer and author of the book, song, and online course "I Choose Love".